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Jul 16 2013

Spiritual faith and the passionate woman

Posted by: Stacey at 11:06 pm
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Lady character in my first real attempt at a spiritual book: a shy woman of strong faith who gets mixed up with the wrong guy at the right time. Just so happens the guy is a non-believer who wears it on his sleeve – to the point of being obnoxious about it, but oddly finds that he enjoys being around the irritating Ms. Wholesome. Like many women, the main female character eventually comes to see Mr. Wrong’s non-belief as a worthy challenge .. while she’s falling for him, of course.

Question is: Will he, in turn, fall for her? 😉 Many, many, many pitfalls along the way …

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Jan 23 2013

The perfect “vacation office” for those who simply *must* work when they shouldn’t be

Posted by: Stacey at 9:28 pm
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On vacations, you’re supposed to COMPLETELY get away and stop thinking about work stuff, but if you simply MUST check in at the office, I highly recommend setting up a little something like this:

Beach Office

Only thing missing is the cabana dude. ; )

Am I right or what?

And this post would not be complete without an obligatory beach sound effects video. Play the video, look at the above picture, and dream. 🙂

Come to think of it, as a writer that would be the ideal scene TO work, vacation or not…

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Jun 22 2012

Can writers be “tortured artists”? Yes. Just ask me.

Posted by: Stacey at 10:44 pm
In: Writing

It’s funny. When I first started writing when I was in my early teens, I didn’t think of myself as an artist. I had this image in my head of a frustrated painter furiously working his canvass. Even though years later I learned that painters weren’t the only people who could be classified as artists – and that writers, too, were considered as such, I still never considered myself one.

It’s only been in the last few years of my creative writing ventures that I’ve felt like I identified with “being an artist” – specifically, the infamous “tortured artist.” Now, let me make it clear that I do not consider myself to be especially gifted or “deep” when it comes to creative writing. I have never taken any formal classes nor had any other type of formal training, did not major in English in college, any of that stuff. I just know that I love writing – especially “old school” writing with a good old pen and notebook, and a few cushy, colored pillows piled around you while you work. Oh, and don’t forget the lemonade or iced tea nearby. Window open. Breeze blowing in.


Anyway, how do I, as a writer “artist” who is not particularly gifted in that arena, identify with the “tortured artist”? I wrote (“micro-blogged”!)about it earlier today and tonight on Twitter:

Read a mind blowing quote from one of my book inspirations. Wish I could share it but then I’d have to reveal who it is. 😉 #CrypticTweets

I really hate to sound like such a sap, but that quote floored me – I literally gasped. Heart rate accelerated. Knees weakened. #moved

This sounds crazy, but I sort of know what they mean by “tortured artists’ whenever my creative writing spurts hit. : ) #craft

Some creative writing ideas just grab you in the gut and consume you. #craft

Any of you out there reading this who write, or paint, or sing, or act, sculpt, entertain, dance etc … is this not the absolute truth? In the last month or so I’ve picked up a notebook and pen and started writing my a** off. I’m too painfully shy to tell you what it’s about, and who/what my inspirations have been, but it’s just like an inferno that envelops you and you can’t shake it. In a good way.

I’m up at 3 in the morning sometimes putting pen to paper. It’s crazy.

But I love it. I’m not one of those depressed artist types who is unhappy about everything. To the contrary, I can’t wait to get all my ideas on paper and am excited as heck most of the time to just be in the frame of mind to write, and to have ideas with which to play off of.

So maybe I’m not so much “tortured” as I am an “antsy artist” – hmm? 😉

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Jun 13 2012

How to kick yourself out of “writer’s block” mode

Posted by: Stacey at 6:26 pm
In: Home Decor,Writing

Redesign your home office – or create a new one. The pictures in this post (found on Pinterest) will amaze you! Before and after shots of a spare bedroom converted into a lovely home office space. Here’s my favorite:

Home office makeover

Lovely! Soothing and inspiring.

I like the color of my office (a soft buttery yellow color) and have been angling for a few months now to get some new office furniture (the set I currently have is over a decade old and severely worn) to change things up a bit and to get the creative juices flowing again. I can write about politics all day long but sometimes get into a bit of a “writer’s block” funk when it comes to creative writing, even with ideas swirling in my head.

The colors in the bright spare room pictured above are not colors I would be bold enough to pick for my own home! LOL. But it’s still a very nice look and conducive to letting your creative, softer side stand out. 😀

Don’t have a good pic of my home office to show you (and am not taking one right now – it looks like a disaster area!) but I do have one of my outdoor office to share.

The outdoor home office of yours truly. ; )

Problematic for use on cooler days but on warmer days, it definitely works! 😉

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Mar 07 2011

Man and Woman

Posted by: Stacey at 10:18 pm
In: Relationships,Writing

Happy coupleHer eyes flutter; his eyes assess
Her cheeks pinken; his cheeks dimple
Her hand strokes his face; his itch to explore

Her skin is like satin – smooth, unblemished; his is coarse – scattered with scars
Her hair is windswept; his is carelessly unkempt
Her heart dances; his thuds

Her outer softness conceals the quiet inner strength his presence gives her;
His outer strength hides an inner vulnerability that has come to life because of her

She giggles; he guffaws
She wiggles; he grits his jaw
She tempts with a smile; he sits, both of them helplessly entranced

Blissfully perfect? Oh no, not quite. Just revelling in a moment that feels just right, hoping it never ends.

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Feb 15 2010

Happiness is …

Posted by: Stacey at 8:36 pm
In: Writing

Being 20 pages into one re-write and then deciding that the storyline needs to be changed around to a significant degree in order to be able to add better character backstories. Sucks when you have several halfway decent scenes already written that you want to try and incorporate into the new storyline but can’t. *SIGH*


Fantasy: To write a killer a** book and have it turned into a movie without the guts of the story being ripped out of it.

Of course, the immediate fantasy is to get the danged thing written.

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Feb 11 2010


Posted by: Stacey at 10:16 pm
In: Writing

Writing like a madwoman when I get home from work every day. Revising each night like hell, wanting to get it just right. A wise friend once told me that, as far as your first draft goes, don’t worry about getting it right; just get it written and go back later and fine tune the weak spots – or edit them out. To date, it’s advice I haven’t taken.

In fact, I don’t even have a complete character list nor book outline composed. How pathetic is that? All I know is that I’m seriously sleep deprived (averaging four hours a night the last couple of weeks) because I simply don’t want to go to bed until I’m satisfied that I’ve come to a good stopping point with what I’ve typed out. Sometimes I stop to listen to a song that may have a melody suited for the mood of a particular current or future scene in the book, or I watch a partial video or DVD to fine tune the visual, physical elements rotating around in my mind that I want to add to the book in some way, or I, scan a few pages from some books that have inspired certain characteristics of the main characters of my book. It’s an endless cycle, and I am fully immersed in it.

Now I know what artists mean when they say that sometimes painting a subject can make them crazy. The same is true for this particular nocturnal fiction writer when it comes to trying to jam every book idea I have out on the keyboard in one single night. Sometimes you have an idea that you think is so promising, so potentially good and maybe even unique, that you’re worried like hell you’re going to lose it if you don’t get it all typed out in a hurry.

Back to work.

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