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Mar 02 2012

It Was Inside That I Cried

Posted by: Stacey at 3:26 am
In: Life,Relationships

“Don’t be deceived by what you saw, it was inside that I cried“:

From CeCe Peniston’s 1992 “Finally” album.

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Mar 07 2011

Man and Woman

Posted by: Stacey at 10:18 pm
In: Relationships,Writing

Happy coupleHer eyes flutter; his eyes assess
Her cheeks pinken; his cheeks dimple
Her hand strokes his face; his itch to explore

Her skin is like satin – smooth, unblemished; his is coarse – scattered with scars
Her hair is windswept; his is carelessly unkempt
Her heart dances; his thuds

Her outer softness conceals the quiet inner strength his presence gives her;
His outer strength hides an inner vulnerability that has come to life because of her

She giggles; he guffaws
She wiggles; he grits his jaw
She tempts with a smile; he sits, both of them helplessly entranced

Blissfully perfect? Oh no, not quite. Just revelling in a moment that feels just right, hoping it never ends.

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