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May 02 2010

Thank you, God

Posted by: Stacey at 10:58 pm
In: Faith,Life

I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch over the last few of weeks. I’ve not felt that I should burden family and friends with my troubles outside of talking to a couple of them about the basics, but I have prayed about my issues a lot, and have thanked God that even in my darkest hours He never sees me as weak or as a failure. What a comfort that in our hours of need – or even when believers think they’ve got everything covered and that they don’t need Him – His presence remains constant.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t turn to God often, preferring instead to try and resolve things in ways that didn’t include relying on my faith; now, I can’t imagine not praying to Him about the good times and the bad. He is always there for both, and wants to hear about both.

Thank you, God.

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Mar 17 2010

Some things are just not cute

Posted by: Stacey at 8:40 pm
In: Ever Wonder Why,Humor,Life

In no particular order of importance:

– Going grocery shopping in too-tight pants complete with thigh-high black vinyl boots with 4-inch heels. Really. Are you shopping for bread and milk, or something else?

– Women who don’t even come close to having the abs for it wearing half shirts and low-rider jeans when they shouldn’t (like out in public). I really don’t need to explain why this isn’t cute.

– Putting flame stripes down the side of your Dodge Aries. Need I say more?

– Revving your engine at the red light. It’s esp. not cute if you have a sports car. Everyone knows your car has power, just as everyone knows that a man with muscles has strength. When you try to draw attention to either, it makes a person think that the old saying about how a souped up sports car or a man who obviously works out a lot is that man’s way of covering up other, um, ‘shortcomings’ just might be true …

– By the same token, pulling your jacked up truck with the ten foot high tires up right next to a car at a red light, ignoring the thick white line for your turn lane that you are supposed to wait behind. I know the trick is to be able to see in someone else’s car – particularly if it’s a female’s car – but c’mon: Have you not ever seen a woman in a v-neck and/or skirt before? 😡

– Talking on your cell phone in a movie theater. Doesn’t matter whether it’s during the previews or after. Can you not turn off your cell phone for two hours? Are you really that important?

– Double parking, effectively taking up two spaces – on purpose. Park out a ways where there are less cars instead if you’re worried about your car getting dinged.

– Having a car/vanload full of kids and speeding like you’re in the Indy 500. Whatever you are racing towards, it will wait.

– Repeatedly cursing in front of others during the course of a single conversation, esp. if the “others” include a woman. That goes double for using inappropriate crude terminology in mixed company. I’m old fashioned about this, I know. I just don’t dig it.

– Chewing your gum with your mouth open. Annoying!

Feel free to add to the list! I may do so myself.

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Mar 10 2010

The adventures of the lady spider killer continue

Posted by: Stacey at 10:01 pm
In: Humor,Life

My encounters with bugs (more here) and spiders in and around my house are well-known amongst readers of my political blog. So it should come as no surprise that I have another one to report from last night.

I honestly don’t know what kind of spider it was that was in my house last night, but all I had to know was that it scared me silly and I sprayed the thing with so much spider spray I thought *I* might pass out from it. But the dang thing just kept moving. Don’t ever believe those “kill on contact” claims on the sides of the spray cans. Lies! Anyway, I was trying to “stun” the spider with the spray before I killed him with my shoe, but realized he was in an awkward spot for me to try and kill. He kept moving even with an inch of spider spray on his back but unfortunately he got underneath my recliner. So I had to take several deep breaths and move the recliner – all the while praying he didn’t jump up at me in one last gasp of glory.

In the end, he met his demise and I went to bed and rested comfortably, knowing the multi-legged scary thingie wasn’t prowling around downstairs. And fortunately most of the spider spray smell dissipated overnight. I came to the conclusion today that the spider was my version of Punxsutawney Phil, letting me know that spring is just around the corner — and to expect more creepy crawlies in the days and weeks ahead.

Gulp. 😐

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Feb 16 2010

People who allow their dogs to poop in other people’s yards

Posted by: Stacey at 6:21 pm
In: Life

Argh! I love dogs – they are adorable, cute, loyal, devoted, fiercely protective, etc … and they have to go to the bathroom just like every other living thing on legs. But what I don’t like is when their owners allow theme to poop in their neighbor’s yard without cleaning it up. I don’t blame the dog; after all, they go where their noses tell them to, but their owners should know to either steer them in a different direction (like THEIR yards, for example) or to pick-up after them. This is apparently complicated for some.

I’ve had to talk to a (new) neighbor twice about dog poop being found in my yard. And we’re not talking little tiny poops, either. The first time the neighbor attempted to claim that it wasn’t their dog’s but when I pointed out that the pooping is happening in the same place, the neighbor conceded that it was their dog. The second time I talked to them about it I had a bag and dust pan in my hand and they took it from me and scooped the poop. I’ve heard every excuse – for example, “Oh, they pooped in the middle of the night and I couldn’t see where it was to pick up because it was so dark.” Well … it gets light eventually, and if the same poop that was in your yard in the morning is still there in the afternoon when you get home, you know the owner has no intentions of picking it up unless you prod them into doing it.

To be fair, I have also seen my neighbor in the yard with the dog and she has picked up after it on the spot. It’s like sometimes it gets picked up and sometimes it doesn’t.

The thing that is so irritating about it is that I don’t even own a dog! Yet I have come home three times recently to find poop on top of the pine needles (one of the times my neighbor was on the way out to pick it up as I was walking up the sidewalk). Frustrating!

We have a lot of dog owners in this development and once upon a time, dogs pooping in other people’s yards was problematic – to the point that dragging the trash can around to the front on trash day was like walking through a poop minefield. Finally, the development installed several dog poop stations, complete with little baggies, around common areas where dogs are frequently walked and it got a little better. My yard is not near a common area where the little baggies are readily available, but that doesn’t matter. The owner should still have their own scoop and baggies handy.

I make it a point when I’m out walking to thank my neighbors if I see them walking their dog with a little baggie in hand. Fortunately I see more with the baggies than I do those without, so most are being considerate. If you’ve had a repeat issue with this in your yard, how have you handled it? I am interested in suggestions in case I have to talk to my neighbor again. I sense that she wants to be considerate, but doesn’t always follow through.

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Jan 26 2010

The sexiness of winning the battle of good versus evil

Posted by: Stacey at 11:31 pm
In: Faith,Life,Storyline Ideas

Every once in a while I’ll get a question from a non-believer asking me a question related to whether or not my life is “boring” because, as a Christian, it has to be lived on the “straight and narrow.” I secretly smile when I hear questions like this – questions that, most of the time, are asked in a sincerely curious way, because I know there is nothing “boring” about Christianity, and also because I know that Christian life, much like secular life, means anything but having to stay on the “straight and narrow.” In other words, my answer to those who ask about my life as a Christian is that we can have just as much fun as a non-believer, provided we don’t carry the fun to excess and provided it’s not the type of “fun” that goes against the word of God.

That isn’t to say, of course, that Christians are perfect. In fact, we’re not – there is only one perfect being in this world, and none us us are that being. We drink beers, we eat too much, we read magazines or books or watch movies that don’t exactly come close to promoting a Christian lifestyle, we envy what others have, we … well, you get the point.

It’s a constant battle, trying to live in the image of God without straying off course. In fact, this also applies to non-believers who nevertheless have the same strong sense of right and wrong that believers do (I know there are many of you out there). They, too, struggle to win the battle of good versus evil. We – believers and non-alike – are constantly being tested. Fortunately, most of the time – if we’re strong enough in our faith or beliefs, we eventually win those battles, whether they are short ones or ones that happen over time.

Occasionally, I will watch movies and read books with what some would call “dark themes.” Sometimes they’re about cults, the “underworld,” vampires, etc. It’s always fascinating to me how some of the “bad” characters in these books/movies have a streak of good in them deep down inside, and how they are constantly at war with “each side” of themselves. And then there are those characters that ‘follow’ the dark characters, who want to be like the dark characters but deep down inside their sense of right and wrong pulls and tugs at them to maintain their walk on the right side. And sometimes they don’t always heed their own warnings. But most of the time, even for the ones who do take that walk on the wildside, they end up snapping out of it, redeeming themselves in some way.

But for those who – in books, movies and in real life – in the end resist the temptation to go the way of the dark character and for the dark characters who lose their fight over the impulse to “go good,” wow – it’s really a sight to see. It’s sexy, in fact, to fight a war against evil – and win. It takes a lot of inner strength to win those wars, and winning them – to me – gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and makes me feel closer to God. To know that I can be tempted and at the same time to know that more often than not I will not cross the line to the other side (even though my foot wobbles in that direction every now and again), a line that is hard to find once you turn back around to look for it – it’s a feeling that is pretty close to being out of this world. I am strong. Hear me roar! Same same for those times when you do step over the temptation line, but end up fighting your way back to the good side.

Strength in and of itself is meaningless unless you know how to utilize it for good, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or some combination of two or more or all. The book I’m working on deals with this issue – makes for interesting character development 😀

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Nov 22 2009

Suddenly, last summer

Posted by: Stacey at 2:03 am
In: Life

Dang – I sure as heck miss summer. Can’t put my finger on why, because I normally dig fall more than any other season. I think we’ve just gotten so much rain and it’s been cool to cold on and off the last few weeks (with a couple of nice days sprinkled in between) that I’m over it already. Bring on sweet smells of spring and the summer days where it’s daylight longer when I get home from the 8-5!

Having an extremely restless night. Tried to play around with getting my old computer tower, which crashed in September thanks to a virus, to come back up – was so close, but it won’t stop attempting to start up in safe mode. On top of that, I’ve got neighbors across the parking lot from me who have had friends over on their back deck talking and laughing to loudly that there’s no doubt the neighbors next to them have to be having a fit.

Note to townhome/condo dwellers: If you’re going to host family and friends outdoors at night, please take it inside after 11. That way maybe your restless neighbors won’t be so restless.

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