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May 30 2014

Cliché alert: Change starts with YOU

Posted by: Stacey at 12:05 pm
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Right, I get it – clichés are, you know, so cliché, but I can’t seem to stop myself from using them from time to time, and events in my life over the past few months have solidified the old one about change starting with you.

Think about it. It really well and truly does, and when you firmly – and I do mean grab it and hold tight with both hands – realize that if you want your life to change for the better that it all starts with YOUR actions, YOUR words, understanding that you are in the driver’s seat (with God as your co-pilot, of course!) navigating your course – well, it’s a powerful feeling. You – controlling your own destiny. All it takes is you, putting one foot in front of the order, trying and sometimes succeeding (and sometimes failing) – and disabling the reverse gear permanently.

I live a simple life. Always have. But simple doesn’t have to be routine – and there comes a point when you come to the conclusion that your routine simply isn’t enough for you anymore. I’ve reached that point. YOLO and all that. My perspective on the present and the future has changed dramatically in recent weeks. Really looking forward to grabbing the bull by the horns in the coming weeks and months and exploring avenues I put off traveling on for years for one reason or the other. It starts now.

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Jul 16 2013

Spiritual faith and the passionate woman

Posted by: Stacey at 11:06 pm
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Lady character in my first real attempt at a spiritual book: a shy woman of strong faith who gets mixed up with the wrong guy at the right time. Just so happens the guy is a non-believer who wears it on his sleeve – to the point of being obnoxious about it, but oddly finds that he enjoys being around the irritating Ms. Wholesome. Like many women, the main female character eventually comes to see Mr. Wrong’s non-belief as a worthy challenge .. while she’s falling for him, of course.

Question is: Will he, in turn, fall for her? 😉 Many, many, many pitfalls along the way …

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Nov 07 2010

Things I’m thankful for

Posted by: Stacey at 7:20 pm
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Got this in email this weekend. I liked it, but what I’d add to it right now is that I’d be thankful for a shoulder rub, as my right shoulder is killing me. Just in time for my first day back at work from a six day vacation. Fun days ahead. 😉


Thank youTo really give thanks to what I’m thankful for

For my family, my health, a nice soft bed
My friends, my freedom, a roof over my head

I’m thankful right now to be surrounded by those
Whose lives touch me more than they’ll ever possibly know

Thankful Lord, that You’ve blessed me beyond measure
Thankful that in my heart lives life’s greatest treasure

That You, dear Jesus, reside in that place
And I’m ever so grateful for Your unending grace

And bless each and every person in my life!! I love you Lord Jesus!! 


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Oct 10 2010

Sunday Observations from Sistah

Posted by: Stacey at 11:02 am
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ReflectionsWas just reflecting this morning on how, in certain situations, it is difficult to rest in the knowledge that God is in control and that He has a plan. I have a couple of family members who are in situations in which other family members and I can do very little to help outside of just being there to provide a shoulder to lean on, and to give encouragement and support to. You want to think that giving that shoulder and encouragement is enough, but deep down you agonize to try and figure out ways you can help them through their situations so their lives can get back to normal, but the agonizing is fruitless because usually you come up empty.

It is at this point it usually kicks in in living color that God is in control and that He has a plan for everyone, and the fact that the situations in question are beyond your control should not cause you to doubt yourself when it comes to trying to help others work through their struggles and difficulties. He knows. He is working. He’s got it covered. Once that fact washes over you anew, you can rest a little easier even though the worry is still there. This is true not just when you are worried about what’s going on in the lives of family members but also when dealing with the personal day to day struggles that come with life.

For the family members involved here, their faith remains strong in spite of the obstacles they face, and I take great inspiration from that. I’ve heard it said before that the true measure of a person’s character is not how they conduct themselves when everything is going well in their lives, but when it is not. That the faith of these family members is unshaken in spite of the uphill climbs they face is a testament to how they’ve grown & matured in their relationships with God, and certainly inspires me in my walk with God as well.

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May 02 2010

Thank you, God

Posted by: Stacey at 10:58 pm
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I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch over the last few of weeks. I’ve not felt that I should burden family and friends with my troubles outside of talking to a couple of them about the basics, but I have prayed about my issues a lot, and have thanked God that even in my darkest hours He never sees me as weak or as a failure. What a comfort that in our hours of need – or even when believers think they’ve got everything covered and that they don’t need Him – His presence remains constant.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t turn to God often, preferring instead to try and resolve things in ways that didn’t include relying on my faith; now, I can’t imagine not praying to Him about the good times and the bad. He is always there for both, and wants to hear about both.

Thank you, God.

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Jan 26 2010

The sexiness of winning the battle of good versus evil

Posted by: Stacey at 11:31 pm
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Every once in a while I’ll get a question from a non-believer asking me a question related to whether or not my life is “boring” because, as a Christian, it has to be lived on the “straight and narrow.” I secretly smile when I hear questions like this – questions that, most of the time, are asked in a sincerely curious way, because I know there is nothing “boring” about Christianity, and also because I know that Christian life, much like secular life, means anything but having to stay on the “straight and narrow.” In other words, my answer to those who ask about my life as a Christian is that we can have just as much fun as a non-believer, provided we don’t carry the fun to excess and provided it’s not the type of “fun” that goes against the word of God.

That isn’t to say, of course, that Christians are perfect. In fact, we’re not – there is only one perfect being in this world, and none us us are that being. We drink beers, we eat too much, we read magazines or books or watch movies that don’t exactly come close to promoting a Christian lifestyle, we envy what others have, we … well, you get the point.

It’s a constant battle, trying to live in the image of God without straying off course. In fact, this also applies to non-believers who nevertheless have the same strong sense of right and wrong that believers do (I know there are many of you out there). They, too, struggle to win the battle of good versus evil. We – believers and non-alike – are constantly being tested. Fortunately, most of the time – if we’re strong enough in our faith or beliefs, we eventually win those battles, whether they are short ones or ones that happen over time.

Occasionally, I will watch movies and read books with what some would call “dark themes.” Sometimes they’re about cults, the “underworld,” vampires, etc. It’s always fascinating to me how some of the “bad” characters in these books/movies have a streak of good in them deep down inside, and how they are constantly at war with “each side” of themselves. And then there are those characters that ‘follow’ the dark characters, who want to be like the dark characters but deep down inside their sense of right and wrong pulls and tugs at them to maintain their walk on the right side. And sometimes they don’t always heed their own warnings. But most of the time, even for the ones who do take that walk on the wildside, they end up snapping out of it, redeeming themselves in some way.

But for those who – in books, movies and in real life – in the end resist the temptation to go the way of the dark character and for the dark characters who lose their fight over the impulse to “go good,” wow – it’s really a sight to see. It’s sexy, in fact, to fight a war against evil – and win. It takes a lot of inner strength to win those wars, and winning them – to me – gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and makes me feel closer to God. To know that I can be tempted and at the same time to know that more often than not I will not cross the line to the other side (even though my foot wobbles in that direction every now and again), a line that is hard to find once you turn back around to look for it – it’s a feeling that is pretty close to being out of this world. I am strong. Hear me roar! Same same for those times when you do step over the temptation line, but end up fighting your way back to the good side.

Strength in and of itself is meaningless unless you know how to utilize it for good, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or some combination of two or more or all. The book I’m working on deals with this issue – makes for interesting character development 😀

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Nov 23 2009

My “Things To Do For Christmas” list

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Good grief! I sat down tonight to start making a list of things I needed to do in order to prepare for hosting Christmas lunch next month and, well – I didn’t expect the danged thing to be so long! It’s so long, it rivals Santa’s list of people who have been naughty this year. 😐 No bigs – it’ll get done, but it just goes to show that in spite of what I may want to believe about myself, in reality I am a perfectionist. “Clean carpet spots” – that no one can see. Seriously?!

Fortunately, most of my Christmas shopping is done. I’ve gotten about 80% of it done, all of it via online ordering. The remaining 20% will have to be done in the stores as there are some unique gifts to get that I either can’t find online or are too expensive to buy online. Plus, I like to add little small touches to a lot of the gifts I give to give them a bit of extra personality. I love buying gifts for people – I just wish that when I wrapped them they looked better. Thank God for gift bags! 😀

I normally send out between 40 and 50 Christmas cards a year, but this year it will be about 10. My desktop crashed back in September and I haven’t had a chance to rebuild my address list (which I had saved in Word). On one hand, it makes me sad because I enjoy doing that every year – especially for people who I don’t exchange gifts with, but on the other hand with everything on my plate right now, it’ll be welcome relief. I’ll rebuild that list next year in order to make sure I can send out cards to the friends whose addresses I have lost. Even though I don’t get a Christmas card from everyone on my list, it’s not about getting a card – it’s about saying hello and keeping in touch, and letting that person know that they are in your thoughts.

Thanksgiving’s only three days away, and you’d think I’d skipped right over it and headed straight for Christmas. Guess that’s an indication that I may be a “Christmas junkie.” I just dig the season, the sights, the sounds, the warmth of having family and friends around. But most importantly, I enjoy Christmas for the reason for the season.

And lastly, I can’t end any Christmas post without referencing my favorite Christmas cartoon/music of all time. Enjoy 🙂

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