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Jun 22 2012

Can writers be “tortured artists”? Yes. Just ask me.

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It’s funny. When I first started writing when I was in my early teens, I didn’t think of myself as an artist. I had this image in my head of a frustrated painter furiously working his canvass. Even though years later I learned that painters weren’t the only people who could be classified as artists – and that writers, too, were considered as such, I still never considered myself one.

It’s only been in the last few years of my creative writing ventures that I’ve felt like I identified with “being an artist” – specifically, the infamous “tortured artist.” Now, let me make it clear that I do not consider myself to be especially gifted or “deep” when it comes to creative writing. I have never taken any formal classes nor had any other type of formal training, did not major in English in college, any of that stuff. I just know that I love writing – especially “old school” writing with a good old pen and notebook, and a few cushy, colored pillows piled around you while you work. Oh, and don’t forget the lemonade or iced tea nearby. Window open. Breeze blowing in.


Anyway, how do I, as a writer “artist” who is not particularly gifted in that arena, identify with the “tortured artist”? I wrote (“micro-blogged”!)about it earlier today and tonight on Twitter:

Read a mind blowing quote from one of my book inspirations. Wish I could share it but then I’d have to reveal who it is. 😉 #CrypticTweets

I really hate to sound like such a sap, but that quote floored me – I literally gasped. Heart rate accelerated. Knees weakened. #moved

This sounds crazy, but I sort of know what they mean by “tortured artists’ whenever my creative writing spurts hit. : ) #craft

Some creative writing ideas just grab you in the gut and consume you. #craft

Any of you out there reading this who write, or paint, or sing, or act, sculpt, entertain, dance etc … is this not the absolute truth? In the last month or so I’ve picked up a notebook and pen and started writing my a** off. I’m too painfully shy to tell you what it’s about, and who/what my inspirations have been, but it’s just like an inferno that envelops you and you can’t shake it. In a good way.

I’m up at 3 in the morning sometimes putting pen to paper. It’s crazy.

But I love it. I’m not one of those depressed artist types who is unhappy about everything. To the contrary, I can’t wait to get all my ideas on paper and am excited as heck most of the time to just be in the frame of mind to write, and to have ideas with which to play off of.

So maybe I’m not so much “tortured” as I am an “antsy artist” – hmm? 😉

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Jun 15 2012

Hey, You! Just Be A Woman

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Easier said and done some days, what with the routine we have to go through to look our best – and the mental gymnastics we sometimes perform to put ourselves in the right frames of mind, but we wouldn’t have it any other way – would we, ladies? 🙂

Woman lounging

Relax ….

In the meantime, a little R & R time is in order. Just in time for the weekend.

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Jun 13 2012

How to kick yourself out of “writer’s block” mode

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Redesign your home office – or create a new one. The pictures in this post (found on Pinterest) will amaze you! Before and after shots of a spare bedroom converted into a lovely home office space. Here’s my favorite:

Home office makeover

Lovely! Soothing and inspiring.

I like the color of my office (a soft buttery yellow color) and have been angling for a few months now to get some new office furniture (the set I currently have is over a decade old and severely worn) to change things up a bit and to get the creative juices flowing again. I can write about politics all day long but sometimes get into a bit of a “writer’s block” funk when it comes to creative writing, even with ideas swirling in my head.

The colors in the bright spare room pictured above are not colors I would be bold enough to pick for my own home! LOL. But it’s still a very nice look and conducive to letting your creative, softer side stand out. 😀

Don’t have a good pic of my home office to show you (and am not taking one right now – it looks like a disaster area!) but I do have one of my outdoor office to share.

The outdoor home office of yours truly. ; )

Problematic for use on cooler days but on warmer days, it definitely works! 😉

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Jun 02 2012

Because a girl needs a little rock and roll in her life …

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Awww MAN. Whitesnake and Steve Vai. My heart races!

Raw heat, energy, passion. Unashamed of being big time alpha males who loved “hot women.” What’s not to like about this band? 😉

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