Mar 17 2010

Some things are just not cute

Posted by: Stacey at 8:40 pm » 3 Comments
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In no particular order of importance:

– Going grocery shopping in too-tight pants complete with thigh-high black vinyl boots with 4-inch heels. Really. Are you shopping for bread and milk, or something else?

– Women who don’t even come close to having the abs for it wearing half shirts and low-rider jeans when they shouldn’t (like out in public). I really don’t need to explain why this isn’t cute.

– Putting flame stripes down the side of your Dodge Aries. Need I say more?

– Revving your engine at the red light. It’s esp. not cute if you have a sports car. Everyone knows your car has power, just as everyone knows that a man with muscles has strength. When you try to draw attention to either, it makes a person think that the old saying about how a souped up sports car or a man who obviously works out a lot is that man’s way of covering up other, um, ‘shortcomings’ just might be true …

– By the same token, pulling your jacked up truck with the ten foot high tires up right next to a car at a red light, ignoring the thick white line for your turn lane that you are supposed to wait behind. I know the trick is to be able to see in someone else’s car – particularly if it’s a female’s car – but c’mon: Have you not ever seen a woman in a v-neck and/or skirt before? 😡

– Talking on your cell phone in a movie theater. Doesn’t matter whether it’s during the previews or after. Can you not turn off your cell phone for two hours? Are you really that important?

– Double parking, effectively taking up two spaces – on purpose. Park out a ways where there are less cars instead if you’re worried about your car getting dinged.

– Having a car/vanload full of kids and speeding like you’re in the Indy 500. Whatever you are racing towards, it will wait.

– Repeatedly cursing in front of others during the course of a single conversation, esp. if the “others” include a woman. That goes double for using inappropriate crude terminology in mixed company. I’m old fashioned about this, I know. I just don’t dig it.

– Chewing your gum with your mouth open. Annoying!

Feel free to add to the list! I may do so myself.

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3 Responses to “Some things are just not cute”

  1. LC Gregoryon 17 Mar 2010 at 11:06 pm

    ST, you aren’t THAT old-fashioned about that cursing in mixed company thing. When guys curse in front of women in their regular conversation, it bugs the life out of me – and when they CALL them curses or such – i.e. “hos” – well, I got NO time for them.

  2. Anthonyon 18 Mar 2010 at 12:29 am

    I’ll remember to be careful around you, ST; I apparently inherited my grandfather’s “Navy mouth.” 😳

    Chewing your gum with your mouth open. Annoying!

    This is a big one for me. I cannot stand it. Why is it that a normally polite person turns into gum-cracking punk (and thinks it’s cute) when they stick a piece of flavored rubber in their mouth?

    In a similar vein, it drives me batty when people chew with their mouths open and talk with food in their mouths. I mean, if I wanted to watch a garbage disposal, I can do that at home. 😡

  3. Lagniappe's Guyon 05 May 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Pulling up to an “Exact change only” toll booth and then fishing around in your car for two minutes while you try to pull the change together from wherever you think it might be…Nimrods who do that should be taken out and beaten.